“3D CAD”

Okay, on my soapbox here…

I’ve recently been working for companies who are now “3D” converts……so what you ask? Well, I’m starting to think the same thing because they don’t realize (or aren’t ready to commit to) the amount of useful data generated by this “3D CAD”. Oftentimes, business owners and project managers just can’t justify the expense of the learning curve. However, when we take this step we access, part dimensioning, CNC data and a more streamlined manufacturing process. It isn’t easy, (I truly know this) as to really take this step requires both an inventive nature and true commitment. I went for it about 16 years ago and it was rough with many all-nighters spent problem solving, but I’m really glad that I did. But then…..

Roof Assembly 220717_Page_1most  good things always come with a price don’t they?

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