Like a glove…..

I recently had the pleasure of a handrail project for the West stair of the British Museum in London. This required templating some helical parts of the existing stair and then working offsets from the templates in the shop – 4 ½ hours away.

None of this would be possible without SolidWorks as it enabled accurate reproduction of the existing critical regions from the templates and then working the offsets.


One day, some weeks later while at my workstation, one of the bosses was showing a client around the shop and he paused to mention that SolidWorks was one of the new tools being used in our fabrication process. They happened to see the stair on my computer and I explained the process of reverse engineering from which the new parts from the model were being fabricated. They cynically chuckled saying “sure, right…we’ll see if it fits…”


Need I tell you the rest of the story?

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